Why the need:

Communication between agency and client.

Without an organized and structured means of evaluating creative output, personal opinions (admittedly even expert ones) have no consistent means or language to communicate their reasons for ad preferences and/or areas which need improvement.

TheAdAudit provides the common language of communication so that all can agree on the necessary changes, and why.The revised ad may be re-audited to determine the level of improvement.

The clear total benefit is more effective print advertising, which may then be propelled through the entire merchandising and selling program, for enhanced impact and presence at retail.

Competition for consumers attention.

Print advertising has been losing ground to other both powerful and fragmented media. In addition, the exponential growth of segmented magazines has sliced both readers and the advertising budgets needed to reach them. The net is that each magazine ad must work harder - must have more impact and persuasion power.

TheAdAudit boosts the impact of print advertising - which translates into higher product trial. Believe it.

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