What it does:
  • Points out strengths and weaknesses of proposed print ads, as well as how to correct/improve impact and motivation, in each creative segment.  May also be used prior to, or to replace costly consumer testing.
  • Provides a weighted numerical score of 31 points of analysis for each of the four categories, along with a total impact score.

The 31 points of analysis provide a weighted numerical score, for each of the four categories, as well as the total impact score.

  • Scores of 80-to-100 are effective communication vehicles. But even ads in this group, may be improved as indicated by the analysis.
  • Scores less than 80 indicate lack of effective communication, and should not run without modification.

    Examples of a few of the 31 points of analysis in each category are:
Headline Stopping power re target market
Visual Impact Product/package memory factor
Copy Benefit communication
Consumer Appeal Empathy with consumer's need


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