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CORTISONE-10 (Chattem)

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This ad has everything to create a high score, which will be noted in the individual sections. It has been selected for discussion because of the great attention to detail in its semiotic elements, that is, the hidden psychological values in a visual communication. Note the use of color to communicate; red to indicate both "stop" and the "hot feel" of the target market's immediate problem. Note too, how this red problem is alleviated in the demo photograph with the implied use of the product. The end benefit is in green, the healing, authority color for pharmacies, as well as the green for go-ahead with your more comfortable life. Finally, the package connection with the same red and green colors for these psychological benefits, plus in-store memorability. The reader gets a visceral message along with the copy. Splendid use of all of the tools of communication, real and imagined.


% of Category Achieved
Visual Impact
Consumer Appeal

Headline – This category has seven (7) points of analysis with emphasis on stopping power and selection of the target market. Perfect scores for these two criteria and for relevance to the target market. Direct news value was off a touch but is compensated for by the visual because of the banner headline look. Neat trick since the product is not new.

Visual Impact – With eight (8) points of analysis, this category is critical to an ad's stopping power, product name registration, and emotionality, among others. The very high score for the visual indicates that it did a superb job in satisfying the criteria for this segment, as noted above. While many professionals will not look with favor upon this screaming ad, Chattem will be going to the bank with it.

Copy – The ad did very well in this category of ten (10) points of analysis even though there is not a lot of it. What there is, accomplished a great deal. And whereas permission-to-buy usually doesn't score well without one or more of its criteria; incentive, value added, sample, authority, etc., the inclusion of its being the #1 selling itch relief treatment gives the consumer the reason to buy - "it must work if so many people are using it."

Consumer Appeal – This summary category of six (6) points of analysis deals with how it all hangs together - how well it shows an understanding of the consumer's need, and how/if it sets up the dissonance factor with her existing product. Nearly perfect. Who could ask for anything more?

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