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This ad promises powerful fun and camaraderie. With a perfect or nearly perfect score on every point, it is an outstanding example of many elements creating the greater good. For those who will say that "you can't put everything in an ad," (and have it easy-to-read, visually appealing and not a drag), here's proof to the contrary.


% of Category Achieved
Visual Impact
Consumer Appeal

Headline – This category has seven (7) points of analysis with emphasis on stopping power and selection of the target market. Almost a perfect score, lacking only a little in emotionality. However, since the visual is all emotion, the headline emphasis can be on the product benefit - which is as powerful as can be - "Your cocktails are ready." This is a good example of how good creative effort can balance the strengths and weaknesses between the four categories so that the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Visual Impact – With eight (8) points of analysis, this category is critical to an ad's stopping power, product name registration, and emotionality, among others. Typical liquor ads have convivial atmospheres with groups of women, or women and men, enjoying themselves. What is extraordinary is the huge presence of the attractive package, clever logo and copy, including everything you want to know about the product. A great blend of visual and copy. Bonus. The memory factor will make it nice and easy to shop, especially important for a new product. This category was virtually perfect on every point, including the product demonstration, not a usual feature in most ads. But, the demo is part of the product benefit, you know. The only distraction from perfect, a 99.25%, is the fact that it is just a tad busy.

Copy – The ad did extremely well in this category of ten (10) points of analysis. Most of the copy is on the package, covering flavor choice, news, and product attributes. The text contributes to the need for the product, occasions of pleasure and ease of use, neatly.

Consumer Appeal – This summary category of six (6) points of analysis deals with how it all hangs together - how well it shows an understanding of the consumer's need, and how/if it sets up the dissonance factor with her existing product. An excellent score here, with trust/fit with the brand being the only average point - not an unusual factor for a new brand/product. In all, let's toast a very successful launch ad.

Grayson Associates’ proprietary system to analyze the effectiveness
of print advertising.

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