How it works:

A panel of advertising professionals and marketers, (3-5 auditorsfor each ad), and Suzanne and/or Dr. Robert Grayson, analyze the ads in terms of Grayson Associates' proprietary weighting system of31 points analysis, within the four creative categories. The final scoreis a composite of the panel's ratings.

Scoring at the higher levels for each of the points has been judged by advertising professionals to be critical to an ad's success in the marketplace. However, because of the weighting system, an ad may score somewhat poorly on some points, but still do well overall. That's the fairness and usefulness of the system. The ability to improve the weaker areas, prior to insertion, is a significant value of the audit.

theAdAudit is an adaptation of theBrandAudit, the Grayson Associates'proprietary system which measures the success potential of new products,prior to the launch.

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