How it is used

By Advertising Agencies:
(Pre-Client Presentation and/or any focus group research, et al.)

  • Evaluates a single and/or alternative versions of an ad to determine
    the most effective one, and why.
  • Allows improvements to be made prior to presentation and/or,
    stimulate the creation of another version.
  • Assists in client presentations, especially to strengthen an agency point of view.
  • May be used prior to, or to replace costly consumer testing.
  • Excellent tool for new business presentations and development; i.e. analyze potential client’s ads and/or its competitors.’

By Marketing Companies and/or In-House Agencies:

  • Provides a blueprint for improving the impact of proposed
    ads/campaigns, before the ad runs, and/or before costly research.
    The result: more effective ads may then be extended throughout all
    merchandising and selling materials. (Imagine the competitive advantage of a trade presentation with a high-scoring ad.)
  • Provides the client and agency with an objective language with which
    to communicate what should be next steps in the ad’s development.
  • Alternative versions of an ad may be audited to determine the most
    effective one.
  • Competitive ads may be included for comparative scores.
  • Maximizes the potential for each print ad, thereby making print
    schedules work harder.
  • Good scoring ads become an excellent selling tool for the trade;
    i.e., better in-store support/location/display, and backup sell-in
    for a launch or an existing brand.
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