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KYOCERA Color Copier

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Had this ad appeared in about 1975, it would have been a winner. Now, in this very high tech era, it demonstrates a complete lack of news value. All too often ads become "presentations" rather than persuaders. This is a case in point. There is nothing in this ad to stimulate interest, or any of the other key points in the art of creative conviction.

% of Category Achieved
Visual Impact
Consumer Appeal

Headline – This category has seven (7) points of analysis with emphasis on stopping power and selection of the target market. This headline establishes what the product is, or who it is for, only because of the visual, and (yawn) so what's new? Mostly it scored poorly in all of the measurement segments. The subhead does help to indicate that the product is intended for businesses, but who else is the prime user of color copiers? And, it doesn't do this in any beneficial context.

Visual Impact – With eight (8) points of analysis, this category is critical to an ad's stopping power, product name registration, and emotionality, among others. The use of a child creates a nice fuzzy feeling, and relates somewhat to the copy, but it is a "stretch-link" to, and in direct conflict with the target market selection, the business user. Because the visual is such an important part of target market selection and creating the emotion, it should be consistent with the positioning strategy. Surely, a quick turn-of-the-page. And, although the visual has some appeal, it has little to do with the product's rationale.

Copy – The ad did poorly in this category of ten (10) points of analysis. Virtually all of the scores in this section were average or below average. No news value, significance of benefits, competitive advantage, and certainly no permission to believe. There is a hint of possible positioning strategy in the phrase, "the new value frontier," but it is never defined. In line with the "possible" strategy, the word "affordable" appears, but again, it is not projected in any major way. It is easily missed by the potential purchaser of this machine, and/or the others in the line. What a waste!

Consumer Appeal – This summary category of six (6) points of analysis deals with how it all hangs together - how well it shows an understanding of the consumer's need, and how/if it sets up the dissonance factor with her existing product. Here too, the analysis points were in the mostly below average category, contributing to a significant negative in the entire score.

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