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It just may be that the BMW agency is adapting the complacency of the brand. This too-casual approach to executing the ever-good strategy of "new and improved" just wouldn't do for BMW. Isn't that what agencies are supposed to do, execute good strategies, creatively; i.e., making "great," better? This one just doesn't have enough stuff for the auto-competitive market. Judging from the look and content of this ad, the target market is existing BMW owners who apparently don't have to be excited or rewarded for their patronage.

% of Category Achieved
Visual Impact
Consumer Appeal

Headline – This category has seven (7) points of analysis with emphasis on stopping power, news value, emotion, and interest. Although the headline is fairly good on stopping power (curiosity), it scored poorly in relevance and all the other areas, thereby lacking a communication opportunity.

Visual Impact – With eight (8) points of analysis, this category is critical to an ad's stopping power, product name registration, and emotionality, among others. The low score is a result of a mundane presentation in both layout and photo (?). Either it is not a photo, or it is so retouched that it lacks reality. And, even existing BMW owners would like to know the name of the new car, with some pride and recognition.

Copy – The ad scored better in this category of ten (10) points of analysis, but still remains a low score. While the advantages of this new model are clearly outlined, it is in the area of the narrow positioning to the existing X5 owner that weakness becomes evident. Strongest areas were in permission to believe and permission to buy. However, there is a missed opportunity of communicating the auto's virtues on its own. Additional weakness is noted in an emotional-connection factor. Here's a good example of a company being so impressed with itself, that it pats itself on the back with each word, rather than translate the auto's virtues into consumer values, both real and psychological.

Consumer Appeal – This summary category of six (6) points of analysis deals with how it all hangs together - how well it shows an understanding of the consumer's need, and how/if it sets up the dissonance factor with her existing product. The ad did the best in this segment due to the fit with the brand image and demonstration of the improvements to the existing owner.

In all, the BMW X5 is a weak example in a category of advertising which is becoming so much more imaginative and appealing.

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