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All too often, the art director wins the battle. His/her primary argument is that the visual will get the reader to stop and read - and these gurus generally don't/won't give an inch. But, when you really can't read the copy, the stopping-power benefit is lost. Forcing the consumer to find her glasses spoils the moment of discovery. The very negative impact of the copy section affected the Consumer Appeal area as well. The net result, an ad coming in with an average "improve" rating, whereas with a small adjustment, would have been in the 90+, powerful range.

% of Category Achieved
Visual Impact
Consumer Appeal

Headline – This category has seven (7) points of analysis with emphasis on stopping power and selection of the target market. This headline is arresting, and is supposed to lead you to find out the answer. The curiosity of it supports the visual (always good), and says to the consumer, discover what this is about. However, it does little to select the target market, project a benefit, or provide an emotional trigger – all stronger reasons to read on.

Visual Impact – With eight (8) points of analysis, this category is critical to an ad's stopping power, product name registration, and emotionality, among others. This visual is very powerful, attractive, and unexpected, which is why it scored so well in this segment. But, the art director got so carried away with the photograph, that he/she must have believed consumers would get the message without reading the really good copy, see below. The lower points were minimal name registration and lack of a visualization of product benefit

Copy – The great fault in this copy section of ten (10) points of analysis is not the content, but that it is extremely difficult to read. If you are able to, you'll find plenty of news value, benefit and permission to believe, all keys to a persuasive ad which lead to conviction. The fact that the copy is so small and difficult to read obviates these benefits. The scores in this section were minimized because of the legibility factor. This situation clearly demonstrates the need for the client to say, "It's a great visual, but make the copy readable!" And it would have been easy to do with a slight adjustment to the layout.

Consumer Appeal – This summary category of six (6) points of analysis deals with how it all hangs together – how well it shows an understanding of the consumer's need, and how/if it sets up the dissonance factor with her existing product. This is where the ad would have excelled, again, if the copy were readable. As shown, the score is very average, in line with the non-impact copy. Had it been readable, the score for this section would have been 25% higher. Too bad that so much of it will be lost to the consumer.

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